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블록체인 및 암호화폐 입문 (CSED490U)
This lecture provides an overview of the blockchain.
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Blockchain has become popular with people recently due to the surge in Bitcoin's price. As the Bitcoin became known to the public, there was a strong interest in the blockchain, which is the base technology of Bitcoin. The blockchain is an open Distributed Ledger technology. Distributed ledger means not to store data in a central system, but rather to distribute and store data openly in several places. This can solve the problem that trust on the P2P (peer-to-peer) network does not exist because someone cannot fix the stored data by mistake or on purpose. Blockchain is considered to be an essential part of the 4th Industrial Revolution along with AI and Big Data. This course will be very useful to senior undergraduate and graduate students as well as engineers who are working in the industry. This course aims at introducing the general concepts of blockchain technology involved in Bitcoin, Ethereum such as types of node, distributed consensus, mining, smart contracts, ICO, Token economy and so on. Several blockchain platforms such as Hyperlegder, EOSwill be introduced so that they can be used to develop DApps. There will be a few assignments throughout the course and a term project for developing a DApp.

강좌 목차

주차 주차
1 Introduction Introduction to the course
Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency(1)
Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency(2)
Assignment #1
2 Overview of Cryptography for blockchain Cryptography for blokchain
Mechanics of Bitcoin (1)
Assignment #2
3 Mechanics of Bitcoin (1) Relationship between Keys and Address
Bitcoin Network
Assignment #3
4 Mechanics of Bitcoin (2) Introduction to Mining and Consensus
The Task of Bitcoin Miners: Mining the block
5 Ethereum (1) Introduction to Ethereum
Data Layer
Assignment #4
6 Ethereum (2) Consensus / Execution Layer
Common / Application Layer
Assignment #5
7 Reading Week Reading Week
Assignment #6
8 DApp: Decentralized App Introduction to DApp
DApp Examples
How to develop DApp
Assignment #7
9 Blockchain platforms (1) - EOS Introduction to EOS
Features of EOS
DPOS Tradeoffs & Attacks
Program & Network Structure of EOS
Installing EOS
Build Hello World on EOS
Tutorial on DApp with EOS
10 Consensus Algorithms Various Consensus Algorithms (1)
Various Consensus Algorithms (2)
Assignment #8
Assignment #9
11 Blockchain platforms (2) Introduction to Hyperledger
Hyperledger Fabric (1)
Hyperledger Fabric (2)
12 ICO(Initial Coin Offering) and Token Economy Token Economics
ICO(Initial Coin Offering)
Introduction to Token Economics
Assignment #10
Assignment #11
13 Cryptocurrency Exchange Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency Exchanges
14 Project Presentation 1 Project Presentation 1
15 Project Presentation 2 Project Presentation 2


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